• Sky QA black sky box in the foreground with two film posters in the background, one for Sky and one for Netflix.

    Sky Q

    If you have a communal satellite at your site on the OFNL network, see how you can get Sky Q installed in your property.

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  • Identifying OFNL’s equipment and infrastructurePurple Fibre ducting in a trench dug in the ground. Either side of the trench are railings and fencing.

    Identifying OFNL’s equipment and infrastructure

    OFNL’s infrastructure can be found in carriageways, footways, street side cabinets, underground ducts and within buildings connected to our network. Find out how to identify our network and report any damage to it.

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  • Your equipment explainedA black internet router on a wooden table top, with a wire leaving the left hand side and entering a white box on the wall with the OFNL logo in the bottom left corner.

    Your equipment explained

    You will have some equipment installed within your home to enable you to access full fibre broadband. This section explains your ONT, Battery Backup Unit and what to do if you need help.

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