• Line drawing of three blocks of flats, with a cable entering the bottom and a WiFi symbol on the front.

    Full fibre-to-the-premise

    Our full-fibre network uses only fibre optic cables all the way into the premise, for a more reliable connection and consistent speed.

  • 80

    Over 80 internet service providers

    Our full-fibre networks are open access, allowing you to choose from multiple Internet Service Providers that offer a wide range of packages.

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    Our innovative solution

    Our networks are future-proof. As technology evolves, our networks will to – you will always have the latest technology available to your business.

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    Stream multiple devices

    You and your colleagues can all work simultaneously without experiencing any slowdowns, even during the busiest times of the day.

  • 1 GBPS

    Gigabit speeds

    Your business will enjoy speeds of up to 1Gbps – substantially faster than the average broadband connection, with faster downloads and seamless video conferencing.

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    Passive services

    Where there is a requirement for services in excess of 1Gbps, OFNL can provide Passive services to enable the Internet Service Providers to provide 10Gbps or more as required.


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Our fibre networks are open access with a choice of over 80 Internet Service Providers, all offering a range of packages to meet the needs of both small and large businesses.

  • Broadband speeds from 40Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Phone services from a single phone line to 30 Channel Session Internet Protocol (SIP) Trunk with multiple DDI’s
  • Ethernet services up to 1Gbps
  • Active and passive connectivity to provide even higher capacity bandwidths
  • Competitive pricing via selected Internet Service Providers for Private Rental Sector Landlords

If you would prefer to use an Internet Service Provider who is not currently on the OFNL network, we will be happy to explore this for you (subject to OFNL Wholesale’s Terms and Conditions). Please contact us for further information.

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Private rental sector

A group of four people sat around a table. One is on a laptop, one is one a tablet, and the two others are looking at their phones. All of them have paper notebooks in front of them,

Private rental sector

OFNL works with many different Internet Service Providers to enable Private Rental Sector Landlords to offer inclusive broadband services within their rental package. This is a growing market and OFNL has already delivered services to Internet Service Providers on numerous new developments. It enables residents to have a high-quality service that can be seamlessly upgraded to a higher capacity requirement to meet tenants’ demands for the fastest provision.

Are you on an OFNL network?

Enter your postcode to find out if you can get OFNL’s ultrafast gigabit fibre, and check which Internet Service Providers are available to you.

Check your broadband speed

If you are on an OFNL network, you can check your upload and download broadband speeds using our handy speed checker.

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