• Line drawing of a house with a cable coming in to the bottom. The WiFi symbol is in the middle of the house.

    Full fibre-to-the-premise

    Our 1Gbps capacity network uses fibre optic cables all the way into the home for a more reliable connection.

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    18 internet service providers

    Our fibre networks are open access, allowing you a choice of Internet Service Providers, who offer a wide range of packages.

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    Stream multiple devices

    The whole household can make video calls, game online and stream box sets all at once, without experiencing slowdowns.

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    Work comfortably from home

    With speeds up to 1Gbps available, you will receive faster downloads and seamless video conferencing – with no drops in service.

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    Peak time browsing

    Stream, game, shop, and browse at any time of the day, even during the busiest hours.

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    Ready when you are

    Our ultrafast broadband services are available from the day you move in.

Are you on an OFNL network?

Enter your postcode to find out if you can get OFNL’s ultrafast gigabit fibre, and take a look at the Internet Service Providers available to you.

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TV troubleshooting

If you are on a site with a communal satellite system and are experiencing issues with your TV equipment, use our troubleshooting tool to help you get back up and running.

Launch troubleshooting tool

Check your broadband speed

If you are on an OFNL network, you can check your upload and download broadband speeds using our handy speed checker.

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