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    Full-fibre service

    We offer an open access network, providing full Fibre-to-the-Premise technology, up to 1Gbps, to residents and businesses.

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    Innovative solution

    Our networks are future-proof – as technology evolves, so too will our networks, giving you peace of mind that you will always have the latest technology serving your customers.

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    Customer satisfaction

    There is no buffering or slowdowns during peak times on our networks – just a seamless service for your customer, securing instant and lasting customer satisfaction.

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    Building relationships

    Building and safeguarding your customer relationships will be easier, as OFNL’s networks ensure your customers receive the most reliable and technologically advanced service.

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    Diverse product range

    You can offer a diverse range of services catering for all your customers' needs, from contended broadband through to uncontended high-capacity data services.

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    Our great reputation

    OFNL has been installing fibre networks on new build developments since 2008. We have connected over 100,000 homes to our fibre networks.

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    Trusted supplier

    OFNL work with the UK’s leading local and national housebuilders and developers. Our experience and expertise is tried and tested.

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    Financially secure

    We are part of the BUUK Infrastructure group of companies, a leading provider of last-mile multi-utility networks.

Partnering with OFNL

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Partnering with OFNL

We are easy to work with. We offer our customers excellent service delivery and we welcome new ISPs onto our network. Signing up is quick and easy.

If you are interested in becoming a partner ISP, please contact us, or register your interest using our online form.

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Products for ISPs

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Products for ISPs

OFNL Wholesale’s fibre-only network enables ISPs to sell a complete range of communication products to their customers. We provide active and passive services suitable for both residential and business customers.

  • Ultrafast broadband products
  • Traditional PATS (Public Access Telephone System) and Next Generation SIP (Session Internet Protocol) products
  • Ethernet ALA (Active Line Access) compliant or Managed Services
  • Full support for both Symmetric and Asymmetric services
  • Contended or Non-Contended Data services
  • Dark Fibre
  • Blown Fibre Tube
  • Large and Small Sub-Duct
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ISP portal

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ISP portal

If you are one of our partner ISPs, you can log into your dedicated portal, where you can:

  • Order services
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • View account information and bills
  • Raise support tickets to the OFNL team
  • Download documents
  • Access the postcode database


ISP portal login