If you are on an OFNL network with a communal satellite system, and you are experiencing problems with your TV equipment, you can either watch our helpful animation video, or use our TV troubleshooting tool, where you can self-diagnose your issues, and get back to watching your favourite shows.

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Missing some Freeview channels?

A TV with a blue screen, containing white writing which reads 'Digital Auto Tuning - number of services found:19 - searching'. There is a remote pointed at the TV.

Missing some Freeview channels?

If you are not receiving all your Freeview channels, in the first instance, please retune your TV. If you are unsure of how to do this, contact a TV repair specialist or the manufacturer of your TV.

If retuning your TV doesn’t resolve the issue:

  • Unplug your GTU from the mains and power off your TV and Set Top Box
  • After a couple of minutes plug the GTU back in. Switch on your GTU, TV and Set Top Box

Hopefully your issue should now be resolved, if it isn’t please contact OFNL for assistance.

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Missing all Freeview channels?

A TV on a sideboard displaying a blue screen titled 'channel guide'. On the left of the screen is BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 5 and Channel 5, and next to each it reads 'no data available'

Missing all Freeview channels?

Check the lights on your GTU

The green DC light on your GTU should be illuminated. If it isn’t, this indicates there is no power being received. Ensure the power supply is plugged in and switched on.

Reset all the equipment

Switch off, wait 30 seconds and then switch back on. The Freeview channels should hopefully be working again.

Check the cables

Check there are cables connected from the GTU into the faceplate on the wall. If there are no cables connected, this indicates an issue with your internal wiring. Please contact a local TV aerial supplier.

If there are cables, but these are not connected between the GTU and the faceplate, please connect them. Once done, you may need to reset all the equipment, by switching off waiting 30 seconds and then switching back on, and ensuring your TV is connected to the faceplate on the wall.

If all the cables are present between the faceplate and the GTU, please try switching these cables around, to try and get a signal. If this does not work, reset all the equipment, including your TV, GTU and set top box.

If you are still having TV issues, please use our TV troubleshooting tool.

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