If you are working on new developments, or undertaking roadworks, it is likely you will come across some of Open Fibre Network’s (OFNL) network infrastructure.

OFNL’s infrastructure can be found in carriageways, footways, street side cabinets, underground ducts and within buildings connected to our network.

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Duct network

Purple Fibre ducting in a trench dug in the ground. Either side of the trench are railings and fencing.

Duct network

OFNL traditionally uses purple un-plasticised uPVC ducting and sub-ducting to help differentiate from other providers.

Street side cabinet

Two images, the left is of a green fibre cabinet found at the roadside, and the image on the right is a close up of the yellow notice on the door advising it belongs to OFNL.

Street side cabinet

OFNL cabinets come in various shapes and sizes. They also look very similar to other UK broadband and telephony providers. To help identify OFNL ownership, we place a label on the outside of the cabinet with emergency contact details.

Other OFNL cabinet locations

Two images of OSCPs, red brick buildings with pitched roofs, and metal double doors to the front.

Other OFNL cabinet locations

OFNL may also house equipment in purpose built brick buildings or within utility areas of larger, high rise developments. Yellow signs will be clearly visible to help identify the OFNL property inside.


Four images of manhole covers in the pavement. Two images are zoomed in on the black tag which reads 'OFNL'


OFNL duct network is accessed for installation and maintenance tasks through a series of chambers and jointing locations. OFNL chambers can be identified by their lids, with OFNL branding.

Reporting damage and/or defects to OFNL infrastructure

Damage can be defined as being an alteration caused by a third party either maliciously or through accident, impeding the quality or performance of an item.

Types of damage reports can include, but not exclusive to the following:

  • Theft & criminal damage of OFNL assets
  • Underground cable/duct damage by a third party
  • A vehicle impact to a street side cabinet

A defect can be classified as either a quality or safety defect.

Quality defects are likely to be as a result of poor installation and risk shortening the life of the infrastructure or OFNL service in that area.

Quality defects do not constitute a hazard or risk of injury and as such do not require a rapid response. The most effective means of reporting damage/defects to OFNL, that is not requiring rapid response, is to call 02920 028 726.

A safety defect can constitute a health risk to OFNL engineers and/or the general public and is primarily as a result of general wear and tear. If any risk of injury cannot be mitigated, please contact OFNL on the emergency notification number 02920 100 347 whereby one of our team can take details and instigate a rapid response.