What is Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS)?
Satellite Dish
  • Our fibre networks have the bandwidth to support a Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS) which extends the products available to householders by delivering a full range of TV and radio services.
  • FIRS uses satellite dishes and aerials, mounted in a central on-development location, no need for unsightly TV aerials or satellite dishes.
  • FIRS is installed using the same fibre network that the telecom services utilise.
  • Additional aerial outlets can be installed in a similar manner as a traditional aerial installation.
  • FIRS delivers entertainment services, including Freeview, Freesat, Sky and Digital Audio Broadcast Radio (DAB) to many homes across the development.
  • A Gateway Terminal Unit (GTU) which converts the TV and radio signals is installed discreetly within the home in a cupboard.
  • The GTU is connected via the installed cabling to media plates (aerial sockets) to enable the customer to connect satellite (Sky or Freesat) or terrestrial (Freeview) set top boxes, or directly into a digital ready TV or DAB radio.
Benefits of FIRS
  • FIRS negates the need for unsightly individual TV aerials or satellite dishes mounted onto new homes.
  • FIRS delivers entertainment services, including Freeview, Freesat, Sky and Digital Audio Broadcast Radio (DAB) to homes across the development.
  • TV services to the home, include HD and 3D TV services and the customer can swap from terrestrial to satellite TV whenever they wish.
  • Easy to install, use and compatible with all standard digital televisions and Set Top Boxes.
  • Typically lower cost than professional installation of conventional aerials.
  • Easy Sky or Freesat installation.
What to do if you have a fault with your FIRS?

In the first instance, you should check the GTU is powered on and there is not a fault with your equipment, e.g. your TV, Freesat or Sky Set top box.

If you have multiple TV points in your property and only one of these points is not working then there could be a fault with your internal wiring. Before reporting faults to OFNL Wholesale please check your internal wiring or use a local TV repair company for assistance.

Once you have eliminated this possibility, and you are sure the fault is not with your equipment or internal wiring, please contact OFNL Wholesale Customer Services here.

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