OFNL have a team of experts in fibre and are committed about providing customers with excellent customer services and ultra-fast fibre broadband. Our networks are installed on new build developments across the UK delivering Fibre to the Home to homes and businesses.

Open Access
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  • 'Open Access' network for service providers.
  • Technology is future-proof Fibre to the home (FTTH).
  • Delivers faster speeds than Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC).
  • Fibre will deliver symmetrical up and download speeds.
  • OFNL's network is fibre all the way, there is no copper which suffers degradation of speed over distance.
  • Service providers can deliver ultra-fast broadband; up to 1Gbps for businesses and 360Mbps to residents.
Environmentally Friendly
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  • Fibre is a green technology which is safe and efficient.
  • Fibre carries no electrical current and can transport virtually unlimited amounts of data.
  • Fibre is more resilient than copper, reducing the amount of maintenance required; lessening its impact on the environment.
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  • Next-generation Fibre all the way into the home.
  • Ultra-fast broadband speed with 360Mbps as standard package and 1Gbps networks with infinite future-proof potential.
  • Crystal clear telephony.
  • Next- generation digital TV.
  • Home value increases with ultra-fast broadband which allows householders to browse, shop, stream, game, chat and work all at the same time.
  • The capability of the fibre network means that distance limitations experienced with copper based networks aren't an issue.
Government Endorsed
  • OFNL are addressing and working towards delivering the government's ambition for 95% of the UK to have access to super-fast broadband of greater than 24Mbps by 2017.
  • Service providers can benefit by joining OFNL's network and delivering the governments' target to their customers homes and businesses.
  • OFNL actually delivers ultra-fast; currently at speeds of up to 360Mbps for residents and 1Gbps for businesses.
  • Fibre is future-proof technology which can evolve to meet any new targets set by the government.
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