Sky Q. The next generation box

How to get Sky Q

If you live on a site where a communual satellite dish has been installed, you will have a Gateway Terminal Unit (GTU). The GTU installed in your home enables you to connect satellite (Sky or Freesat) or terrestrial (Freeview) set top boxes.

Communal sites (or Fibre Integrated Reception System; FIRS) uses satellite dishes and aerials, mounted in a central on-development location, which negates the need for satellite dishes mounted onto new homes, and is why you have these individual GTUs.

To find out more about GTUs and Communal Sites, please view here.

What you need to do if you want to get Sky Q

In properties where customers have a Sky Q set top box, the standard GTU that had previously been installed in your property, will need to be swapped by a Sky engineer to a "dSCR GTU".

This GTU allows you to watch and record multiple channels.

When you sign up for services with Sky and you want to order Sky Q, please remind Sky that you are on a communal site, and the engineer needs to swap the existing GTU, for the "dSCR GTU".

This is not something your internet service provider or OFNL will do.

dSCR Sky Q compatible GTU

dSCR Sky Q compatible GTU

How it works

The dSCR GTU has two outputs which can provide services to Sky Q set top boxes as well as standard SkyHD+, Freeview and Freesat set top boxes and TVs.The Sky engineer will swap your current GTU for the new 'dSCR GTU' which will enable you to have Sky Q.

To enable Sky Q, your set top box will need to be connected to one of the outputs of the GTU – this is normally via a wall plate in your lounge.

Sky Q Multi room setup

Sky Q provides the ability to watch TV in different rooms via multiple set top boxes, with only the main box needing to be connected to the GTU.

Watching Freeview

You can also connect a standard Digital TV to your GTU and watch free to air content such as Freeview.

If you want to watch standard Digital TV on multiple TV’s then you may require a distribution amplifier as shown in the diagram.

OFNL do not supply these; you will need to contact your local aerial/TV supplier to purchase one.

You will need to plug the 'Distribution Amplifier' into the spare port of the 'dSCR GTU'.

You can then use additional cables and plug these into the faceplate in each room.

Sky Q setup

Sky Q setup diagram

Sky Q with a 'Distribution Amplifier' Sky Q with a Distribution Amplifier diagram