OFNL have been connecting new build developments across the UK to their ultra-fast fibre network since 2008. The Fibre to the Home network delivers fibre all the way into the home, therefore not suffering from degradation in speed over distance which is experienced over a copper network. Householders and businesses benefit from FTTH which provides voice, ultra-fast broadband and television, enabling users to prosper in this new digital age.

OFNL are part of the BUUK Infrastructure Group. BUUK Infrastructure is the leading independent provider of last-mile utility networks, constructing and operating essential utility assets in the UK. BUUK Infrastructure has a unique integrated approach providing all the essential utilities; gas, electricity, water, waste water, fibre to the home and district heat networks.

BUUK Infrastructure is dedicated to providing open access utility networks, providing infrastructure over which, service providers can deliver their service offerings to end-user. BUUK Infrastructure's objective is end user choice and actively promotes the use of its fibre infrastructure to retail service providers.

For more information on OFNL's parent company BUUK Infrastructure, visit their website here:


Construction and delivery of the Fibre Network

GTC are a subsidiary company of BUUK Infrastructure and are an independent utility infrastructure and networks provider, specialising in products such as gas, electricity, water and sustainable solutions. GTC are responsible for the construction and delivery of the fibre network, which is operated by OFNL. GTC works with national and regional house builders, developers and landowners delivering Fibre to the Home to new homes and commercial properties throughout the UK.

If you are a developer interested in ultra-fast fibre network at your new development, visit GTC's website below or call their sales team on 01359 240154 to discuss the many benefits fibre to the home will bring straight to your homes and your businesses.


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